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Single-Source Facility Maintenance

Trade Areas

Preventative Maintenance

Market studies show that regular, preventative maintenance can help you keep your locations consistently operating at peak efficiency and looking their best. But, the truth is, many facilities have inadequate and, in many cases, ineffective preventive maintenance programs for their equipment -- it’s a lot of work, management and money to put together an effective program.

This is why savvy facility managers partner with CSI to manage maintenance on a schedule rather than a purely corrective basis, to save time and money in the long run, as well as increase the lifespan of their assets. 
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Project Rollouts

Whether you're opening new locations, remodeling stores to launch a new shopping experience, or reacting to new laws such as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates, selecting the best roll-out project team is essential, as the contractor will play a critical role in generating significant short and long-term savings for you.

CSI has managed hundreds of regional and national rollouts and can custom tailor a program to meet your specific needs, providing unprecedented access to technical expertise across any trade.
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Our Vendor Network

Our nationwide network of certified service technicians are pre-qualified and pre-approved, and meet the highest industry standards/requirements. 

Our vendor management team tracks performance using customized software to ensure quality service, timely completion, and guaranteed satisfaction. 

We provide customers with:

  • IVR compliance tracking
  • Proprietary vendor score carding
  • Trade-specific metrics reporting
  • Competitive pricing
  • Priority service


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"A+ Service"

“We’ve used Commercial Solutions as our preferred service provider for eight years now. We rely on them for all of our reactive repair needs. CSI delivers professionalism, industry knowledge, and A+ service all the way around.”

Stephen B, Facilities Coordinator, Houston, TX